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My name is Robin Angela

Hello Lovies! My name is Robin Angela and I am the owner, Wedding/Special Event Planner, Coordinator and Consultant for Brown Bird Events. My business is located in Blue Bell, PA and I service the Tri-State Area, as well as US nationally and internationally. My love for Wedding/Special Event Planning, Coordinating and Consulting stem from an early love from black and white films, Broadway plays, sketches of wedding dresses and finally my undergraduate Education in Theatre Management and Administration.


With extensive experience in production, and also connecting with my background in customer and client services, basic accounting and project coordinating and my love for the arts enable me to pull together invaluable knowledge and experience in the Hospitality and Event Industry.

As stated many times ,my "why" for choosing this career is "people". To come and and help organize an event by offering a listening ear, empathetic heart, and combining colors, shapes, designs, planning, coordinating and consulting help me to bring someone's dream event to life! Connect with me on my socials to get wisdom, tips, lifestyle content and more. 

"Mixing Creativity with Excellence" is my motto and tagline so book your dream event today!

Love Always,



Robin Angela

Wedding/Special Events Planner, Coordinator and Consultant

Brown Bird Events


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